Facebook Marketing Tool - FaceDominator

FB Event Manager

Complete management of Events on facebook, Scrape users, Ask users to join it, etc.

Customize Your Account

You can upload accounts,Check active and deactive accounts of facebook to upload a huge text file of accounts easily change the accout profile name and language of the accounts.

Fanpage Manager

It can create Fanpage automatically or with your custom data. You can also use your keywords and categories to create pages

Friend Adder

You can add targeted friends in your account. Targeting can be done based on Geo-Location or from fanpages.

Wall Poster

You can post your message on the wall of friends or walls of fanpages with your targated keywords.

Group Manager

you can invite your friends to join the groups,send request to groups,Post photo,url and messages on groups easily.

Supports IP Proxies

It support both private and public proxies for all its features. You can also use Hide my Ass VPN to use with this tool.

Automatic Captcha

It support Decaptcher.com and Deathbycaptcha.com for decoding captcha



  • Wall Posters
  • Auto Group Joiner
  • Targeted Friend Adder
  • Group Scraper
  • Fans Scraper
  • Multithreaded & Proxy Support
  • Group Campaign Manager
  • Group Request Manager
  • And Many More….

How It Works

FaceDominator is a tool which is very useful for managing and automating your facebook advertising campaign. Learn more about FaceDominator Features with our Case Studies to help your business.

Facebook marketing of your products through Facedominator

  • Your main platform to interact with Facebook users is Wall. Post Your Product on their wall so that user and his friends can read about your product features and specialty.
    1) Tell them about your latest released products.
    2) Discounts and Offers on the Products.

  • Create Group of your product and invite your friends and their friends in the group. Post Your Messages and Images relating to products so that everyone is able to go through it.

  • Photo Tagging is another way to get customers attention , when u tag a photo it is visible to their friends so it’s yet another effective way.
    1) Tag your friends on new photos which display discounts and offers.
    2) Tag your friends on new photos which tell your product benefits.

  • Creating your product fan Page using fan Pages.
    1) Create New Facebook Accounts Using Account Creation
    2) Add Comments on your product using New Facebook Accounts.
    3) Give Reviews on your Product using Facebook Accounts

Sleek Options Panel

Full Control over Settings

Facedominator hands over absolute control to the end user.Account creation, customization, fanpage management, friend acquisition etc can be closely monitored by the user.

Power of 64 Bit

More powerful

Higher bit count architecture pours in more strength as compared to older systems. This gives better output with lesser efforts in shorter duration. This gives better endurance to our systems and exceptional performance to end users.

Awesome Support

Available 24 x 7

Facedominator not only has a world class support mechanism available round the clock but also offers you helpdesk integration with your account. People can reach out to us no matter what situation they are in.

A Few Statistics

Countries Served

We serve more than 155 countries on 5 continents with an excellent track record attested by hundreds of testimonies.

Customers Served

More than 7000 Customers are using FaceDominator with excellent track record of Support.


Our group onboards at least one client every 24 Hours. We have an experienced client servicing division well trained to market, sell and support.

Team Members

The core of Facedominator currently consists of more than 40 hard working individuals who try to network you to right kind of people personally or professionally.