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3 Ways to Escalate the use of Facebook Live

3 Ways to Escalate the use of Facebook Live

Facebook has the power to reach billions of potential users around the globe and thus considered as the premier platform for social media. People now enjoy Facebook with more interest after the introduction of Facebook Live. This live stream video tool enables the users to provide live feeds from their cell phones any time, anywhere.

Facebook live is providing a whole new concept which can gain engagement and leads for any business. And this engagement of people can be considered as long-term customers. There is a huge crowd of marketers who are willing to provide their full efforts to make an efficient use of Facebook Live. For them, we are present here with some ideas on how efficiently one can use Facebook Live.


1. Fire out the new Services and Products

One of the most effective ways for the businesses to implement their brand is product launching. When businesses promote their brands in public it just doesn’t have the real motive to benefit their customers from the services but also you are there to convey the reasons and values for their existence in public.

Now the question which is to be considered is that how Facebook Live will help you to promote your product?

Well, I would suggest you create an excitement among the people about the launching your product. This can happen just by sending an invitation to their subscriber’s list. You can also post an invitation on your company’s Fb page, urging your followers to share the launch date with their contacts.

By doing this you can you take the advantage of the viewer’s engagement and offer them a demo of your products. Also, you can perform other tasks to qualify for a freebie. Many marketers have used these options. For example, let us talk about Toy maker Hasbro. He was one of them who used Facebook live to promote Monopoly and offer fans prizes for engaging.

Fire out the new Services and Products

2. Offer Question and Answer Sessions

Well, one of the most effective ways to engage with customers and solve their problem is to offer them a question and answer session where you can discuss about anything related to your product, it may be about any queries or any kind of appreciation. You can provide them free advice or knowledge which may add value.

So what is the ‘value‘ in terms of content? It can be explained as if a customer ask like ‘What is in there for me?’ so if you manage to answer them in a live Q and A session that may create credibility in their minds.

For example, Liz Melville is a marketing expert and a business coach who conducts a regular Q and A sessions with her customers which help her to engage more followers.
Offer Question and Answer Sessions

As she is having a Facebook Page for her business it becomes quite easy for her to promote her Facebook Live sessions. This session act of her’s as a live call-to-action encourages viewers to go one by one session around the globe.

3. Prefer providing behind the scenes pictures

Usually, people love to see behind the scene pictures as it provides the viewers an idea and the efforts in which you are providing behind the scene to get success. It will let your viewers know your company’s values and culture.

Thus taking viewers behind the scene demystify your business process providing viewers a chance to get connected with your company more personally.

Let’s take an example of Fox network who are using Facebook live to provide behind the scene videos during the premiere of “Grease: Live” musical.

Prefer providing behind the scenes pictures
Thus by launching behind the scenes videos, Fox managed to enhance the viewing experience for their audience.

Over to you

These were the three ways which can help you to escalate the Facebook Live experience for your business.

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your views on this blog post via comment and do follow our blog on FaceDominator.

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