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5 Brilliant Steps for Fixing your Failing Facebook Page

Well, you might have got great suggestions from your friends and family that Facebook is providing us the platform where you are allowed showcase your business in the best way. But still couldn’t get the result after investing a huge effort and time, right?

Well, if you too are facing such problem, then I must say that you are not alone. In today’s era social media marketing is the most effective marketing platform. It was found in a survey that 49% of marketers are considering social media as the most difficult inbound marketing.

But what when the Facebook efforts are failing?

You may decide to quit. But in doing so you will lose the opportunity to face a huge platform of 1.70 billion users. So avoid quitting and rather consider improving your efforts. As it is always said that it is never late. So here I present you 5 brilliant steps which can bring you back on the track.

1. Search for the reason of failure

Search for the reason of failure

The very first step which you should consider is to search for the reason of our failure. Why your Facebook page is unable to produce the desired results which you are looking for? You have to consider the potential reasons why you might have failed. You should be careful not to consider the symptoms, but to look for the underlying disease.

If you think that no one interact with your content or your page is not able to generate traffic is the reason of your failure, then I must say that it’s not the exact reason for your page’s failure rather your contents might not have provided the actual value or your followers doesn’t match with your targeted audience must be the reason.

Try to find and focus on a single reason, going for multiple reasons may overlap else you can just note them but focus on what is hampering the most.

2. Try to quantify your resources

 Try to quantify your resources

Then for the next step, you should try to analyze that what resources you should provide in your current page. These resources can range from advertising to the time commitment. Then make it sure that these resources are going to be feasible to invest in the same project with the hope for more success. These types of judgment are crucial for any kind of a successful marketing plan. You can just develop and execute a strategy only if know what exactly you can invest.

3. Focus your Audience

 Focus your Audience

If you are having your Facebook page you may also have the follower base. So move on in this step you have to first be sure that your audience (current) matches with your ideal targeted audience. In the second case, you should try to understand how you can match the two.

4. Develop content strategy

 Develop content strategy

Now, after you have gone through the above points it is the time to develop your strategy. As Facebook marketing with no doubt depends on right content. If you are able to provide the right content to your followers then with no doubt you will receive engagements. This means that they will be interested in looking forward to your future content.  

Just posting once in a day will not help you in getting the desired engagement. For this, case you need consider a content calendar. This will help you in planning your posting procedure for the future.

5. Analysis and Evolution

Analysis and Evolution

For the final step don’t stop your efforts without setting the framework. Don’t panic, as following the above-mentioned steps will not give you the Instant Result. As building your follower base and generating traffic takes time also, the continuous adjustment is required to achieve your goals. This is the reason why you are advised to regularly evaluate, benchmark in your strategy.  Also, you can consider the regular evaluation, this will help you analysis how your individual post performs.

Over to you

Failure is the ladder to the success we all have heard that. Now the time has come to make the saying get real. This blog post is totally written with the focus to motivate the marketers who have not received the desired result due to the failing Facebook page in return of their investment.

Hope this post was able to motivate some of you. Also, I would like to say, share your experience on this blog post.


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