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5 Things What no one tells you about Facebook Ads

5 Things that no one tells you about Facebook Ads

Are you willing to promote your business through Facebook Ads?

Confused how to do? Well let me inform you that in the existing world Facebook is offering the most advanced advertising platform.  

Wondering how? Well! Just continue your reading and you will get to know how?

1. Make use of Messenger for Ads Linking

The world is getting advanced and so is Artificial Intelligence. Facebook, along with this is obtaining the cutting-edge technology. Now, marketers are able to create chat bots that can interact through Facebook Messenger. Have a look.

Messenger Update


2. Focus on Audience Engagement

The most important thing to target your audience is retargeting. This is the powerful tactics which can influence buyers who are already existing. This is made possible through the Facebook pixel, but still their are other marketing tactics.     

Retargeting of custom audience has created a boundless opportunities for the marketers.

3. Focus on Website Retargeting

The main reason why Facebook is focusing on the website retargeting because it allow you to know who your audience who had visited your website and are familiar with your brand. This will reduce the need of Email addresses and number of page likes.    

With this advertisers are able to target users based on frequency of visit, time spent on their website and days of visit. Thus, helping to differentiate between the audience who are valuable for you. Like someone who has visited your website 20 days ago is not a valuable audience than the the one who has visited your website a handful of times over past week.

4. Link one canva with other Canva with your mobile

This feature is introduced by Facebook which can shake the online advertising space to create an expressive experience for the business sites.  In simple words we can say that Facebook is allowing you to create a miniature, mobile version of website that allow you to incorporate video, image and other content of your choice which can allow your users to interact with. Certainly, you are able to tell your brand story which can lead to better engagement.

You might be wondering why on mobile?

Link one canva with other Canva with your mobile

The reason is but obvious that mobile advertisements has added 80% of revenue. So Facebook is trying to give a last attempt to give their viewers an everlasting experience for marketing purpose.

5. Consider targeting within a mile radius area

For Facebook ads geo-targeting can prove to be efficient. The thing which you need to know is that you can’t target beyond one mile. If you want to target your audience near the border of any country then your radius cannot extend to that, in that case you need to target the other country separately.

Over to you

These were some of the facts about Facebook ads which are untold and very effective for your business purpose.

Hope you are going to implement the same for your ad process. These will for sure help you to make your business promotion.

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