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We are the best Facebook data scraping tool in this planet without a doubt. One can seamlessly upload their Facebook accounts, check their already active and de-active accounts simultaneously in an easy manner. This tool is exclusively made for all, whether they are business magnates or a Facebook enthused guy or girl. It also creates Facebook Fan Page without the need of any custom or external data. All these facilities are provided within a single tool named FaceDominator. This tool has an immense scope as well as potential. Wit the help of this a businessperson can easily promote their business or even expand it.

With the help of FaceDominator, one have the ability for using following features:

  • FB Event Manager

  • Account Customization.

  • Fanpage Manager

  • Friend Adder

  • Wall Poster

  • Group Manager

  • Supports Any Kind of IP Proxies

  • Automatic Captcha

  • Auto Group Joiner

  • Group Campaign Manager

  • Group Request manager

Expand Your Business Without Limits with this incredible FaceDominator

With this flawless tool, one can scrap easily various kinds of Facebook data and then efficiently as well as effectively use this for their own good. A businessperson can easily expand their business or promote any service with this as this is mainly focused on targeted audience (based on the knowledge of scrapped data). This tool is extremely handy and for this, we provide online training as well that can easily make you an expert of this tool.

Grow your business with the help of FaceDominator and let your campaign touches the next higher level in no time.

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