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Facebook Groups

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups without Getting Banned Using FaceDominator?

Are you a Facebook marketer? Have you been leveraging the full potential of Facebook groups for your marketing purposes?

Comprising of over 1.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook has seemingly turned into a platform for businesses to thrive. Here most brands intend to showcase their products and grab the attention of audiences. Besides the social media mammoth has introduced several features and advert facilities to help marketers enhance their online businesses.

One major reason for marketers to get along with Facebook marketing is the amount of exposure it provides. On a serious note, any marketing professional would simply love the fact that his/her product will be showcased in front a massive audience, thereby increasing its chances of getting sold.

In this post, we will be concentrating on how brands can leverage Facebook groups for conducting their marketing activities. So without any delay let’s begin.

Facebook Groups For Business Activities:

Facebook Groups

The first thing that comes to your mind is ‘why Facebook groups’? I say, why not.

  • Facebook groups are easy to create/join without much of a fuss.
  • Due to abundant availability of members, your brand will definitely get the exposure you desire.
  • In long-term groups, you have created/joined might turn out to be your consumer base.
  • Creating/joining groups based on particular niche, let’s you target the exact audience you desire.

It can also act as a platform to stay in touch with your existing customers, get honest reviews regarding your products and build up a healthy relationship with the customers.

So by now you already know how Facebook groups can be the ladder to your Facebook marketing success. I’m sure there are several other ways one can use it but let us now check out some of the common problems or queries that Facebook marketers face while conducting marketing activities using groups.

Problems Marketers face while using Facebook Groups for Marketing:

Facebook Groups

So you might be thinking what can be the difficulties that one has to overcome while using Facebook groups for businesses. Well, no need to overthink as I’m here to explain all those and provide you with an impeccable solution.

Firstly, every marketer wants his/her product to reach out to millions in the least possible time and for that joining/creating relevant groups become a primitive task.

You may think creating groups is actually a long-term process as well as searching and joining groups in accordance to a particular niche is certainly time taking. Certainly, they are if you are not used Facebook automation.

With the term automation question like- how will automation benefit your business? Will it help you to automate marketing activities using Facebook groups? Is it a safer means to proceed with?

It’s needless to worry when you have an excellent software like Facedominator in hand. Its amazing features will definitely keep your Facebook marketing progress on track.

For instance, what are the most common activities a marketer would perform via Facebook groups- posting in groups, engaging with group members, replying to the comments of individuals etc. Using Facedominator features you can do it all and in a hassle free manner.

Facedominator Features to Facilitate Marketing activities in Facebook Groups:

Thinking from a marketers perspective the first thing that comes to your mind is- ‘Will my Facebook account be safe?’

Facebook groups

Facedominator’s Accounts Manager module resolves that issue minimizing the scope of your account from getting blocked. It not only manages the multiple accounts but also supports proxy support which ensures your safety.

Now, how does it help you join groups belonging to your niche?

Facebook Groups

For this Facedominator has its very own Group Joiner module enabling the user to search groups based on a keyword and even join groups from the readymade custom group list.

With this, the next thing that appears in the scenario is how to facilitate posting/scheduling in groups?

Facebook Groups

As a marketer, it’s obvious that one will intend to post in multiple groups at a time or even schedule posts for future usage. Thus the feature named Fb Poster facilitates the posting process.

But is it safe to post all at the same time? Won’t the account be banned or spammed?Facebook Groups

There is a way to avoid that by setting appropriate delays so that the process is done in a safer manner.

Facebook Groups

Besides these primary features, Facedominator also consists of features like Group Inviter (one can invite members to join groups), Group Scraper (scrap groups using keywords and along with additional filtering).


Thus marketing via Facebook groups is way more easier and safer and affordable with the usage of a suitable automation tool- Facedominator. Below mentioned are its amazing pricing scheme that will make you go ‘Wimpy to Wow’. So stop worrying and start auto-piloting your Facebook marketing efforts through groups.

Facebook groups

If the post seemed beneficial do leave your reviews in the comment section below. And for more interesting information regarding Facebook marketing stay tuned.

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