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5 Best Practices for a Facebook Business Page in 2017

5 Best Practices for a Facebook Business Page in 2017

Every now and then, Facebook comes with new updates to its features. It maintains a balance of marketers and common users on both the sides. It brings updates in such a way that those features will be helpful for marketers and users at the same time, it ensures disturbance-free community.

Marketers should update their knowledge and use Facebook to the fullest. To help you out with this, here are 5 best practices that make your Facebook page more engaging.

1. While Updating the Cover Photo:

As per Facebook’s Q3 2016 results, the social network has 1.09 billion mobile daily active users. The number has grown by 22% y/y.

What does this have to do with the cover photo?

Well, you might be using the cover photo in many ways like explaining your business or showcasing your new products. And this may include text content too.

The view of the cover photo is not same on the desktop view and the mobile view. The text shown clearly on the desktop, may be trimmed on the mobile view. Thus, your message is not reaching the mobile users properly.

So here is a tip for you:

The newly recommended size of the cover photo on desktop is 828 x 315 pixels, while it is 640 x 360 pixels for mobile devices.

cover photo measurements

So, while integrating text on the image, maintain a buffer of 134 pixels on either side. Now, place the text in the remaining 560 pixels.

This makes your text appear clearly on both desktop and mobile views.

2. While Posting:

Posting enticing content is important to generate engagement. At the other end, the style & time of posting is also important. How?

Buzz Sumo has made a research on some 800 million posts on Facebook at the end of 2016. This research ended up with the following results:

  • Chances of your post getting more engagement are more if you use less than 50 characters. If the length of the post increases, engagement will go down.
  • You might be thinking that if you post on peak times, it generates more engagement. But it’s actually not. Rather, post when the News Feed is less busy. This generates more engagement.
  • Posts that include a question are getting more engagement than others.
  • Videos are the most shared format of content. So try creating videos for your business.

3. Use Reminders

It’s a festival ー wish your audience. It’s your company anniversary ー make a special status update.

Wait, are you in a hurry and making posts on fly. Don’t worry! Use the ‘Reminders’ feature on your Facebook page.

reminders on a facebook page

Though this feature is on its test phase, it is offering a great help to admins who wish to get alerts on their special days.

You can use this feature and update status or do certain activities on your page, without giving it a miss.

This also alerts you about holidays. So that, you can update your Facebook page before the holiday not to miss any engagement for your page.

This particular Reminders option is included in in the menu of Facebook page Settings.

4. Keep a Profile Video

Profile photos are quite common. The latest is, profile videos. Yes, you can keep a video at the top of your profile where you usually keep a pic.

But remember, the maximum video length is 7 seconds only. And you can upload it only from an Android or iOS mobile.

profile videos on facebook page

However, you can give some fun to your audiences and can generate more engagement on your page. Definitely, this will give some better results for you. You can read the instructions given by Facebook to keep a cool profile video.

5. Live Video from Desktop

Now, you can broadcast your live video from your desktop itself. Yes, you can.

Just think! If you want to live stream a conference where you are a participant by yourself. And it may continue for pretty much more time. Broadcasting from your mobile device will be a daunting thing then. But now, live video comes with updated features that you can live stream from your desktop.

Just a webcam is enough to live stream from any web browser.

And another perk for page admins that, they can give permission to any of their editors to live stream.

If you have more than 5000 followers, you can get deep insights of your live streaming on your page. This is going to help you more with the growth of your Facebook page.

These are the 5 best practices that you can use to gain ultimate results for your page on Facebook. Most of these features are either in their test phase or available in some parts of the world.

But, yes! Facebook is going to expand these features to all the users across the world to make it more funny.


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