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How can you Boost your Facebook Engagement in 2017?

No matter whether you are having a small business or large, Facebook is always playing a significant role in the social media marketing strategy. This is the platform which has more than 1.79 billion users with 1.2 billion users logging in daily. With such a huge craze, it is impossible to ignore the presence and influence of  Facebook. Also, the marketers are trying to work out so that they can maximize their performance and reach.   

So it becomes essential to know what is working well on Facebook? What types of contents and postings are working well? So to let you know the same we are present here.   

Consider the following points for better results.

1. Try to be brief

Try to be brief

So how can you be brief providing the every information? So can consider the content which has less than 50 characters but has to be effective. It is said that interactions are dropped sharply for the posts which were longer. So what’s the need to provide a lengthy content which neither creates interest nor the leads? So to be smart you should prefer the content which is in brief also, has less than 50 characters.

2. Try to link to the long articles

It has always been found that people love clicking on links and also, the posts which include links and share links have more engagements if and only if the links were to posts of words ranging from 1000 to 3000 words. Mentioning the links will for sure help you direct viewers towards the site which you want them to visit. So never ignore mentioning the same.   

3. Prefer off-peak times

Prefer off-peak times

The above point must be confusing right? But the fact is that the posts which are being posted in the off-peak time, when there is less competition in the news feed, generates more engagements. When people will find less competition they will automatically move to your posts. So prefer posting in the off-peak time.  

4. Be visual

 Be visual

We all are very well aware of the craze of videos nowadays. It is said that if you wish to increase engagements and views to your posts then you have to opt for visuals. They will for sure help to increase visibility for your posts. Moreover, life videos are also preferred a lot nowadays. You can yourself find the result whenever you are online. You will get huge views when you are live. So prefer to opt for some live video or the real life videos. Also, if you are posting a video then you can get more shares than any other post types.  

5. Ask Questions

We all usually respond to those post which has questioning tone. I think many of us agree on this. Let’s have a look on this.

Ask Questions

The above example is giving you the best example of asking a question. You can see the people’s engagement. So if you prefer asking a question then it will help you to create the desired engagement to your posts. So prefer doing that and feel the change.

Over to you

The above mentioned were some of the tips which can help you to boost your Facebook engagements. Just go through the content and apply the same. You will find the best result ever. Share your views and experience on this blog post via a comment in the below comment box. We would love to know some.


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