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How Different Brands can use Facebook 360 Video

How Different Brands can use Facebook 360 Video

Facebook is a social networking platform which gives a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to market their product. And when we talk about businesses, then I must say that they are not the ones behind in taking advantage of the same. Many businesses are creating engaging content and getting the benefits of it.

But now the time has come to move ahead of the competition as many people are opting for adding 360 video content strategy. You can find a lot of chatter about the 360 videos. But there are many busy brand managers who are looking forward to putting their time and budget for getting the most effective service, now the question arises that is this technology really the one which brands can opt for?

So let’s move forward for the Facebook 360 features. This new feature offers a great potential deal for brand engagement. For example, you can consider this promotional example of a Honda Civic at 2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross.

Is 360 Video, the next Big Thing?

Is 360 Video, the next Big Thing?

Recently, when Google has carried out a trail of 360 video ad of 60 seconds and also the standard format video it has received a measurable call to action. Though it wasn’t promoted nor listed, but still appeared in the stream through peer to peer sharing. They have received some interesting outcomes. The 360 version had a lower view-through rate, but had a higher click through rate that too with higher shares, views and subscribers. They found 46% higher view counts for the 360 video than the standard version. When people viewed the 360 video they just shared it on the messaging app, by copying the video URL.

As a conclusion, this 360 video ad was proven to be more cost effective. When the people’s interaction with the CTAs was noticed then it was found that people who were engaged with the 360 video liked it. And this resulted in more of brand engagement and sharing of the videos with others.

And if we talk about the importance of 360 videos then it can be considered as a powerful one because it connects the two routes into engagement and immersion. It meets the potential of storytelling based on videos.

So who makes the 360 video effective? They are the users. The user is the one who gets influenced by what they see and take control from their own point of view. From a psychological study, it is known that most people feel more affinity for the things which they can control and due to this programming the human mind can use 360 video to get connected to a deeper level than the standard video.

How to get the most out of 360 videos?

How to get the most out of 360 videos?

The 360 videos will work best if the brands focus on their core message, visual strength and targeted audience. If you manage to focus on the above-mentioned terms, then your video will move on the right track. Also, make sure to take care about how your content will be viewed. You can get it started with the Android phone.

What will brands do with the 360 videos?

What will brands do with the 360 videos?

The best thing about this 360 video is that it allows brands to put their viewers in an experience to look over the shoulder point of view. It evokes the realism in the video which no one can neglect. Thus, it gives the viewers a great experience of video which is quite interesting and also, develops a feeling to know what’s happening in the video, in brief. This increases both the eagerness and engagement of the people.

Over to you

Thus the 360 videos is the developing demand for the future. It is used efficiently because it is proven to be a boon in the marketing field. As it encourages the storytelling experience which can be used efficiently for a content.

I hope you find this post efficient enough. Wish you will go for the same and don’t forget to share your views on this post. Do follow our blog on FaceDominator for more updates.


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