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Entrepreneurs using facebook for business

There are many users in the world who are addicted to facebook, from a primary school kid to a high school kid to college teen and then to a CEO of a corporate company. Almost the whole world is invaded by Facebook. There are some people who use facebook to promote their companies so that it attracts the maximum amount of users.

There are some entrepreneurs who created such startups which not only were out of the box but they had the tendency to attract the maximum number of visitors to their page.

Let’s have a look at some entrepreneurs who did value the usage of facebook to promote their business

Tia Sparkles Singh

An entrepreneur famous for her website called your life your way suggests that to attain more traffic one has to post a lot of blogs in the page and promote a lot of products on facebook if you need a lot of customers. She started posting motivational and inspirational quotes to various followers on facebook. She boosts her posts with the help of facebook ads to reach the potential clients who are in need.tia singh

your life your way

Keith Miller

His website the Bubbly Paws has been the most trending site on Facebook as well as Instagram, he posts the pictures of cute dogs in his facebook profile and he gives the bonuses to his staff as per the likes given to a particular post on facebook, he even conducts various contests and interactions to get more likes.

keith miller

Vivek Agarwal

His company, Strand of Silk has been active on facebook since the day it was created. Vivek recommends to using of facebook to gain large number of traffic with the help of product launches and various events also as well. Because of this many entrepreneurs have started using facebook for advertising.vivek agarwal

Sarah McMullin

Her company Camino Information Services posts advertisements along with the blog posts on facebook, she uses facebook to share news and different updates, which tries to keep the content fresh and active. According to her, she feels that if you are not using facebook for business then your startup is a disaster.sarah mcmullin

Rocky Shepheard

For him facebook is like an invaluable source for his one-man company Vegg. Facebook has played a very important role in his life by providing a free support. He feels that if facebook didn’t exist he’d still go for instagram as well.
rocky shepheard


Facebook has been a very valuable tool for these entrepreneurs, even you can be like them who wish to open a startup through facebook.

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