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Everything you Need to Know About the New Video Metrics

The craze of Facebook is growing enormously and so as it’s user’s count which is flocking with many advertisers. According to this week’s new, we get to know that Facebook has managed to add up to 5 million advertisers. And if we compare Facebook with other social networking sites like saying Instagram, it has reached its 1st million advertisers just the last month whereas Facebook has got it’s 4 million advertisers only 6 months ago.

Let’s look at some of the note points of Facebook:


  • Tablet or phones are used to create ads almost by 50 percent of advertisers.
  • About 75  percent of advertisers are from outside the US.
  • Businesses in Argentina, Thailand, India, Mexico and Brazil are strongly using Facebook ads for their growth.


Form the above-mentioned note you might have got the idea about how efficiently Facebook ads are used by various businesses. But when we consider the highlights of International growth data then we can find that Facebook still needs to expand as there are plenty of opportunities still left to look on. Like it is working on in-stream payment option through WhatsApp, freemium version of the Facebook workplace, etc.

In addition, to this try, it has announced news regarding its new launch that is about the video metrics. So let’s go through the announcement made. In detail.


1. Included aggregate minutes viewed


This feature is already included in Facebook insight but previously it only provides data viewed on minutes at the individual level of video. And presently they are adding the capacity to view the total minutes throughout the videos on the page.  
Video Insights


Similarly, as you are accessing your regular posts in the reach tab this gives the capacity to get the overall sense of video execution and the amount of your content is being used. For further capitalization on this, you need to go through your posts individually and try to understand what actually is leading performance.


2. Improving combined video views


Improving combined video views


Now improvement is going to be made by Facebook for the Page Insights interface so that to add 3 sec video views. This so because of the publisher’s saying. They point out that they usually don’t view aggregate 10 sec video views in the page insights. Rather, they prefer 3 sec video views.

But these stats does not indicate overall video conduct. Rather the 3 sec measure is to give an idea about some form of interest which people show. If we talk about the accuracy measurement then 10 sec video is the good one but Facebook is working in accordance with publisher response.

But no need to worry about the extinction of 10 sec videos as they are still available in video metric level and the API.


3. Enable comparisons between historical benchmarks and ongoing video metrics


To make a judgement about the historical performance of video content Facebook is adding a benchmark comparison. And this will be helpful for the publishers to know the same. So how benchmark is calculated? Well, it is calculated on the basis of time period chosen. This will give a baseline to the publishers which will help them to judge how their content is working and they are following a right track or not.


4. Sort videos by the minute views


Also, Facebook is offering publishers the opportunity to rank their top videos. That too within the time period in accordance with the minute viewed. This will make them understand how individual videos are executing in the group. Thus this option will offer different ways to sort Facebook videos.  


Over to you


Well, these latest metrics are not offering anything huge regarding the functionality but it has for sure open up paths to sort and use available data. The importance of this can be noticed by only those people who has the better understanding for Facebook videos.

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your views and do follow our blog on FaceDominator for more updates.


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