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Tricks which you didn't know about using Facebook

Tricks which can be used to master Facebook Marketing

Facebook the social networking site with 1.23 billion users around the world as per noted till December 2016 has managed to gain its popularity among its users. Facebook is a magnificent platform for the brands to establish their presence. With such a huge number of users who are sharing their content here has made Facebook to become a tool for every startup owner to market his/her brand.

So let’s just move on with some of the tricks which can be used to master Facebook Marketing.

Facebook tricks which you might be needing it

We all are aware of the saying that “never judge a book by its cover” but when it comes to business then yes, you can do the same to judge any business. With your brand’s cover page and profile, you are able to do the same. As this is the very first thing which your customers can see. And yes it is true that they will judge your brand with the same. If you fail in providing a good quality of picture for your profile then you will lose an option to allow people to click on your page.

So to let you know more on this let’s move forward with some tricks.

1. A perfect profile picture

Like the way you get up every morning and dress up for your work make sense in a similar way creating your Facebook profile makes sense. This is the best way to describe your professionalism. If you are able to manage your Facebook cover photo and profile then you can for sure grab your audience’s attention.

Also, a great new about your profile photo is that you can change your profile photo as profile video with the help of  your phone.

2. Make sure that the pictures you upload are of good clarity

We all love to share photos and videos on Facebook from our memorable day with your friends, just to see the reaction from your viewers. But when people upload the pics or any videos from their phone usually the quality get affected. But the good thing is that you can fix this. You just have to go through some changes in the settings of your Facebook account. From there you can set up the HD upload and you are able to share the high-quality images and videos.

3. Make use of Call to Action

With this call to action button, you can generate leads to any site whichever you want. Perhaps Facebook will for sure inspire people to click on your compelling images and videos which can draw people’s attention towards your restaurant or hotel. So what kind of call to action buttons will get you more audience? Wondering? Let’s see.

  • Contact us
  • Watch Video
  • Use App
  • Sign Up
  • Call Now
  • Shop now
  • Book Now

4. Manage your Instagram, Facebook and Messenger messages in a single Inbox

Facebook offers you single unified inbox so that you can simplify your clients services on social media platform. If you are having your accounts on the above-mentioned platforms then you can save a lot of time by using an app. As a businessperson, you will not have to wait long to answer to your customers.

5. Opt for auto responses

Many businesses receive the high quantity of regular messages if your business is amongst the same then you can use this feature to give the auto response. You are able to manage your customer’s interaction. You are able to build customized automated message communication with your clients. Also, the Facebook Marketing Partners help you manage the flow of approaching communication by chatting with your clients.

6. Share the 360-degree videos easily

As we all know that every year Facebook is moving forward with the latest updates so with the help of the updated tools you can easily share your 360-degree videos. You just have to take a panorama with your cell phone or can capture a 360-degree video with the help of app or camera and upload as usual and then Facebook will change it into an appealing 360 photo which people experience on Facebook.

7. Try to attract reader with the Facebook ads claim

One of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience is to offer discounts and inspire them to take action. Also, your brand can claim Facebook ads offer which can help you to create promotions and discounts for your business. The users who demand online offer will get the discount code and are directed towards the site to shop.

Over to you

The above-mentioned were some of the tricks for marketing which every entrepreneur may require. Hope you will get benefits from these and don’t forget to share your views on this blog post.

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