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Facebook’s Report on the use of Mobile Phone

Facebook’s Report on the use of Mobile Phone

With the growing craze of use of mobile for the marketing purpose, you might be clear with the importance of it. But still many of us think that desktop is where people still love to make searches for different services and products but in general sense, users are quite engaged in using mobile phones for their daily activities which include exploration, comparison, and purchasing. For example, we can consider Facebook the social networking site which has 1.18 billion users who are daily active with 1.09 billion users who are accessing this stage via mobile phone. Just have a look in the below graph.

Daily Active Mobile users

We cannot consider this as just the mobile users who are active on Facebook via mobile but it is the time which people spend on it. It was found that on an average of each of those billion mobile users spent more than 50 minutes of time/day on Facebook. With such a great user’s count, Facebook is creating a wide platform for the businessperson to reach their desired audience also, considering mobile as the mode to reach directly to their customers.  

In a report, it was mentioned that 2016 was the 1st year which has graphed a large number of mobile conversions than the desktop during the holiday season. It was said so according to the conversion analysis of pixels data and apps events for the ads, which had allowed Facebook to record the downstream conversion which was based on the platform engagement.   

1. Shopping Intent

Facebook noticed that usually, people are having the nature of being always online with their mobile devices which are allowing more people to research for the products, compare the prices and also checking the availabilities on the go. In Fact, it is said that 38% of the retailers are looking forward in doing more shopping through their mobile phones or can say as the smartphones. Have a look.

 Shopping Intent


According to Facebook people are turning towards their mobile phones more than any other device. This has open a new opportunity to grab the attention of the customers. Now the time has arrive to get comfortable with the types of content so that it become easy to make the reach with the people who are engaged on mobile.

2. Free Time

Free time is the important factor which is needed to be considered by the businessperson if they wish to reach their customers via mobile phone. According to the Facebook’s report, the engagement with the mobile conversion rises significantly than the desktop engagement during the evening hours. It is found that when many people are moving out between (4 to 6)pm they carry their mobile phones with them rather than their desktop and the conversion rate increases or we can say reach the peak point around (8 to 9)pm and if we consider the desktop conversion time then it is around (10 to 11) am when they are in front of their system.
Free Time

Of course, it makes sense. When you are out you are more likely to check your mobile phones.

3. Shortening the purchase path

Addition to the Facebook reports the data show that the users who see the retail or e-commerce ads on their mobile phones convert faster than the one who sees the same on their desktop. It was also, noticed that users take less time to make their purchase on mobiles than the desktop. Have a look.

Shortening the purchase path

In a study, it was noticed that when people are shopping for their friend or for themselves they use to browse 24 products on mobile and if we talk about desktop then the participants browse 29 products. Such a finding is just allowing us to know about the impatience nature of mobile users. Smartphones allow us to perform anything, anywhere and at any time that too in a fast rate, in the same way, it is increasing the customer’s expectations.

Over to you

The truth is that nowadays people are concern for doing the more research as well as transaction via mobile also, they are considering this process to be fast and smooth. So these were some of the report of Facebook on the uses of mobile phones which is going to affect the shopping trends and expectations for the use of mobile phones.

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