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How FaceDominator Help You to save Money And Automate Your Facebook Marketing?

As we all know that use of Facebook these days is not only for socialization purposes or for personal usage, but it is used for a variety of purposes. Many Business persons are using Facebook for business, campaigns and to build brand awareness among people.

Facebook provides us a platform through which we can connect with millions of people and give us the power to promote our business online.

But the main consensuses about Facebook marketing depends on how strong is your marketing strategy and which tool you choose to get maximum profit. And nowadays it is hard to find reliable tools which help in increasing traffic and earnings.

As a marketing blogger, I come across with the FaceDominator Facebook Marketing Software. Which helps you to grow your social media followers smartly and organically.

With this Facebook marketing software, you can easily grow real followers who engage with your account. No use of bots, You don’t have to buy followers, It just helps you to get right and engage the audience for your Facebook Marketing.

Here How I will take through FaceDominator “Facebook Marketing Software”

What is FaceDominator?

Why use FaceDominator for Your Facebook Marketing?

Things You should Know About Facedominator

Proof it Works

Pricing of FaceDominator?

What is FaceDominator?

Facebook Marketing

FaceDominator is an automation software for Facebook marketing. This software is designed to perform all automation tasks that you do manually on Facebook. Such as Making comments, Like, Share, messages. You can easily automate your post, create a campaign, Schedule your post, target right audience for your business, Manage multiple Facebook account and much more.

This is a powerful Facebook marketing software. Which can easily run on Windows, MAC and In the coming year it will be available in mobile app also.

Why Use FaceDominator For Your Facebook Marketing Purpose?

Facebook Marketing

Let me tell you first why I am promoting FaceDominator for Facebook marketing. Most of the businesses promoting their product manually and also pay people who work and leverage the job. And they don’t care about it. But spending money on hiring people for marketing purpose is just wastage of money if there is an automation tool in the market.  

However, handling multiple accounts for your Facebook marketing is also a big responsibility. You need to be a focus for your campaign otherwise there is no use of running a campaign. For effective management of your Facebook marketing, you need to be organized. This is the key thing to be a success in Facebook marketing. So FaceDominator has Specially designed software to manage your all activity for Facebook marketing in an organized manner without spending money.

Here are some reasons to choose FaceDominator as your Facebook marketing tools

  • It helps you to build your Facebook accounts.
  • It helps you to keep your followers engaged with your Facebook accounts.
  • It keeps you relevant to your niche.
  • It allows you to target larger audience for your brands  

Thinks You Should Know About FaceDominator

As I told you before this is an automation tool which regulates your activity on Facebook automatically and relieves pain from your side. Spending of 5 to 6 hours on Facebook is no longer using FaceDominator. It helps you to save time and you can easily utilize those hours to more profitable work.

Here are some cunning features of FaceDominator

Account Framing

Facebook Marketing

This is one of the unique feature only offered by FaceDominator. Using this feature you can easily set the number for a different activity for your different Facebook account. Activity like accepting friend requests, making comments on friends wall, make likes, Updates for the post, sending a friends request and sharing posts. You don’t have to open your Facebook account for this activity. It will be automatically done by FaceDominator. By doing this Random activity, it will help you to grow your promotion in a mass.

Fb Messenger

Facebook Marketing

The FaceDominator Messaging system prevents you from bans and looking like a robot message. Using this feature you can easily send text and picture message to your targeted audience or your own friends from multiple accounts at once or in batches daily.

Fb Groups

Facebook Marketing

Using this module you can join a group which is similar to your business through your multiple accounts. Or you can join the group according to your custom list or find them with related keywords. It also helps you to be an admin of different groups and handle them automatically from one place.

Fb Events

Facebook Marketing

This feature make FaceDominator more adorable for your business. Through this module, you can automate creating multiple events from your multiple accounts at a time. You can create a public or private event. And also give you the power to host your public events by pages.

Campaign Manager

Facebook Marketing

Through this module, you can easily manage your all Facebook campaign at one place. You can edit, resume and download the reports of a different campaign. It helps you to keep all records of your Facebook activity in one place.

Here is the Proof it Works

Below are the data of some Facebook accounts that make massive followers and growing using FaceDominator “Facebook Marketing Software”. To make you believe I have created a link in all given below images.


 Facebook Marketing

Bolly Crazy

Facebook Marketing

Download FaceDominator

To download most amazing automation tool for your Facebook marketing. You just have to visit site http://facedominator.com/downloads/  and you will get a various version of FaceDominator. Choose the latest version and Download it. And to run the software get the product key from the FaceDominator Support team.

Facebook Marketing

FaceDominator Pricing

FaceDominator has two plans to choose. one is Monthly and other is Annually.

Facebook Marketing

For monthly plans, you have to pay $14.95 per month and through this plan, you can handle ultimate Facebook accounts, Campaigns, and different Facebook activity.

For Annually plans, you have to pay $99.95 per year. And the plan features are same as monthly plans.

As a marketer paying above amount is not a big deal? Because this software automates your all activity and saves your time and money.  If you go for manually marketing on Facebook you have to pay more than this amount and it’s time consuming too.

This software helps you to earn more and helps in gaining more traffic for your business on Facebook.

Quick Review to FaceDominator Features

  • Facedominator gives you money back guarantee.
  • Professional support according to all your needs- 24/7
  • Its design is clear like a crystal and has user-friendly interface.
  • You can get this software at really affordable price compared to other Facebook solutions


This post is going longer than I expected but I will end this here. My main aim for posting this blog to inform all marketers about this cunning Facebook marketing software. I also know it will be hard for some people to believe in this post but once you try this software for your Facebook business. You don’t have to think for other Facebook marketing Tool.

So it time to automate your Facebook marketing and earn profit and traffic for your business through Facebook. Tab your mouse on facedominator.com to feel the better experience of Facebook marketing.


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