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How to Get More Likes On Facebook

How to Get 5000 Free Likes to Your Facebook Page using FaceDominator in Easy Steps

If you’re an Internet Marketer, you might be wondering….how to get likes to your Facebook page? That to FREE Facebook likes.

Every brand on Facebook is on Facebook for a single reason – to get more likes to eventually get more reach and business. But, gaining more likes on Facebook couldn’t be easier??? It’s easier than you think to gather more Facebook likes for your page, and those likes will help you to get more Facebook Reach. But, How? Social media marketing for a brand depends on the power of the social networks. In order to maximize your Brand’s presence on social media giants like Facebook, you need to build a community filled with people who likes you and like you enough to like and share your social feeds with their network. Now, you might be wondering… Why a Facebook Page???

Why A Facebook Page

Facebook is the for-profit social networking site! 1 out of every 2 people under the age of 35 is on Facebook. Today, almost 90% of teens and Young Adults have a Facebook account. Which means if you’re not a part of this trend you could be missing out this big number.


Marketing On Facebook Isn't Easy


To make this as easy as possible for you, we’ve broken down our best suggestion in 5 easy steps to get 5000 free likes to your page using FaceDominator.


Step 1) Create A Facebook Profile With A Hot Female –

Create A Facebook Profile With A Hot Female

The old saying “Men are from the Mars and Women are from the Venus”,  the well-known battle of the sexes and we all should be agree on their gender stereotypes nature. They Both holds water when it comes to how men and women use social media. As per the latest stats about Facebook says, Among internet users, a great percentage of women (76% out of 100%) use Facebook which 4% more than men. Women have 8% more friends than men and have 55% more posts on their walls. So, if you have a Facebook profile with hot female photo, then there will be more chance to get more likes for your Facebook page.

Get more Facebook Friends Than Men

Step2) Use Facedominator Farming Module to Daily Post 1 Hot Pic –

Posts with an image and a caption receive marked engagement on Facebook. As per the study, on Facebook, the “photos” type posts get 53% more likes, 84% more click-throughs and 104% more comments as compare to a simple post.



To perform this tasks more efficiently we’re very happy to introduce one of the most captivating features of Facedominator tool, Account Farming Module.

Before we start you might be wondering


Why Do You Need FaceDominator Farming Module?

Facebook is growing at an alarming rate! The social media platform has over 1.86 Billion Monthly Active users, which means new leads and potential customers are joining Facebook daily. And you can also have a piece of this pie. But you have to act smartly and move forward with energetic force…Because When it comes to Facebook Page… It was time for a change…but, making change isn’t easy!

What if we told you there’s a way to make it much easier way for you???

Today tech savvy internet marketers are using Facebook Schedulers to schedule posts on auto-pilot. But most of the schedulers have issues. They perform a single thing at once and fail. None of the software is as easy-to-use as FaceDominator Farming Module.  

Facebook Account Farming Module of FaceDominator

Account Farming is the most captivating feature of FaceDominator that can be used to manage multiple Facebook accounts. Besides several activities such as Facebook wall posting, sending a friend request, like post relevant to the niche and plenty of different options to completely utilize the Facebook’s power of monetization requires usage of multiple Facebook accounts. And all these activities can simply perform using multiple Facebook accounts which Facedominator generates straightforward within few clicks additionally configuring campaigns.  

So simply set your daily count, choose your possibility and set campaign with multiple Facebook accounts and get ready to garner likes on them.


We’ve Added Over 20k Likes to Our Facebook Profiles in a Month

get Over 500 Likes to Facebook Profiles in a Month

(You Can Too, Once You Start Scheduling Regular Posts On Your Facebook with Farming Module)

Facebook Account-Farming-Module-of-Facedominator


Step 3) Auto Accept Friend Requests

With the use of Account Farming tool, you can also automate your account to perform basic regular tasks such as randomly like friends posts, like the posts of pages, send a friend request to suggested friends, make comments on friend’s walls, and auto accepts friend.

Facebook Account Farming


Watch the Video to see “How FaceDominator’s Account Farming Module Works”!

Step 4) Join and Post in Random Groups to Get More Friend Requests

This is one of the best ways to meet people you would rush into if the world were a bit smaller. In this type of group you’ll find friends of friends, sometimes friends of friends of friends, and surely will have something in common with everyone. but, remember whenever you join groups in Facebook, be active in the group! post on walls, like posts, do comments, like their comments, and make your presence known to the group members.

Facebook Groups

You can Manage all these with FaceDominator’s FB Group Module. Check How?

Get More Friends to your facebook from Groups


Step 5) Once Friend Count is Over 5000, Invite All The Friends To Your Page

So, finally the time has arrived, You’ve more than 5k likes on your Facebook page. Now, you can Invite all your friends to like your page with FaceDominator:

Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Promote your Page on Facebook

We’re Giving Away Our Secrets to Get Likes On Facebook Page (and access to all our private Facebook Marketing Tools)

Why? Because we know Facebook is an absolute goldmine of audience reach and we want you to take full advantage of it. At the rate, Facebook is expanding new customers are streaming into the market daily and we just can’t rim the market on our own…

As soon as you discover the secrets to Facebook Marketing, and apply our Facebook automation tools, You can able to scale your success to the levels that you never even dreamed about before.  FaceDominator is beautifully efficient and will take care of all your scheduling, sharing and posting tasks so you can focus on life.


Watch the Video to see “How To Get Likes To Your Facebook Page using FaceDominator” in Action!

Trust your Gut and Invest on FaceDominator, Now!!!

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FaceDominator is the missing piece of the puzzle to your business success with Facebook Marketing. After you start getting likes to your Facebook Page with Account Farming Module the sky is the limit!

Do you use any Facebook marketing Tool that can perform all these tasks efficiently? If, yes then share your experience with us in the comment.


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