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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Business?

One of the most common methods for branding over the Social Media nowadays is using Facebook as a major player and creating a brand page to promote your business or website. This reason leads us to write this article — A complete Guide on How to Create a Facebook Page.

Are you in doubt of why you should create a Facebook fan page? Why your business needs branding on social media?

Read on!

I will educate and demonstrate on how you can build a Fan page on Facebook for your brand in 5 minutes.


Why does your business needs to create a fan page/brand page on Facebook?

With a whopping 1.94 billion monthly active users globally, Facebook is one of the biggest social media giants out there. By creating a brand page or fan page, you’re allowing your potential customers, clients, and readers to connect with you.

Depending on your niche, you can engage your visitors in conversations, and increase your brand visibility. There are many companies who use Facebook as an announcement channel. With 1.94 billion MAU, if your business is not on Facebook yet, your business is losing a lot of things from the plate.

Nowadays, many brands are solely relying on this biggest branding and marketing tool for their existence. Well, every business is aware of these facts, that’s why they need to create a fan page on Facebook for their brand or websites.

Facebook is not only for branding, there are obviously many other uses, but we’ll discuss those at length in other posts. So let’s get back to Facebook pages for business enhancement:


A Complete Tutorial on How to Create a Facebook Page –

Facebook page help your business to become socialized and communicate to all of your website and blogging site visitors. It also helps in increasing your brand visibility and credibility with likes, comments, shares, and feedbacks. If you haven’t created a fan page on Facebook for your brand, we strongly suggest you do it now and boost your brand to reach new heights.

So, let’s start making a Facebook page for business.


Step 1) Go to the Create a Page on Facebook and select product or brand.


Select the website from the given option and provide the Facebook page name in the next box. Read and agree to Facebook pages terms & conditions and click the “Get Started” button.


Step 2) Next, Upload an Image for your Facebook Page. It can be your brand logo, an icon with some promotional tagline.


Step 3) Once you have done with uploading images, click on the ‘Edit Page’ link and edit the required information and save the changes.


Step 4) Now your Facebook Page is ready to roll. If you want, you can automate your Facebook page to post your images, blog posts and videos to Facebook. There are multiple ways to do it, but We’re specifying an autopilot that can automate your Facebook page very easily.


Step 5) Considering SEO while creating a Facebook page is also a necessary stuff when your aim is to get quick visibility and branding. In this post, we are not going to describe the entire process about How to optimize your Facebook page for SEO. In Facebook page, your “About” section works as a meta description with search engines. For this reason, you have to write your “About” section carefully, so that it is easier to rank for any keyword using a Facebook page.

So – be careful when you select your name and the contents of your “About” section.

Here is how my Facebook page is shown in the search engine:


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We would love to know if this guide inspired or helped you to create a Facebook fan page for your website or business. Do you think having a Facebook page for every business and brand is necessary? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. If you find it helpful, spread the words by sharing it to Facebook, Google plus or Twitter etc.

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