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How to Earn $200 Per Day with Facebook Viral Traffic [A Complete Guide]

About a month ago I wrote an article on ‘How to Make $100 Per Day using FaceDominator and Facebook with OGads.’ When I wrote that article I didn’t expect this article go ‘Viral’. A lot of people contacted me to learn more about How to make money with Facebook viral traffic? And How everything works? Or simply because they’re putting efforts and wanted some feedback on the outcomes they’re achieving with their money making strategy.

With over 150 comments within a month it’s, one of the top 10 articles on my blog and the one and only reason behind it is the “modesty” of the game. But as many of you can see earning money with Facebook isn’t that easy. In fact, from over 150 comments there are a few comments from people saying that they started and made it work. Some of them make $50 per day, and few of them are making $500 per day and the rest of the people are commenting or asking questions about how good the entire content sounds but they don’t have the money to start, etc etc.

So, I have decided to share a money making strategy with my readers to earn easy money with Facebook without a big investment.

So first let me introduce what this article is going to be about: In this post, I’m going to share the strategy with How to earn $200 Per Day with Facebook viral traffic.


In fact, I have some people on my friend list who are earning more than $500 per day with this and the good things is you can have it as a part time business, 100% automated and making money for you. The faster you start, the better you earn.

Things You Need To Get Started –

A website with a Dedicated server (It costs around $20 to setup a WordPress site with domain and hosting.)

At the beginning, you need an Adsense account and, after that an account with a CPA or CPM advertising company.

Facebook Accounts with credit cards and PayPal. If you already have multiple Facebook accounts, then it’s well and good, If not, get multiple Facebook accounts. I recommend you to buy only aged PVA Facebook accounts. Or In case you have new accounts, make sure to age them before you start your activities to avoid the account getting banned.

You must use proxies as you are going to use multiple Facebook accounts for this money making process. If you use the same location repeatedly, and if Facebook tracks that all activities being done from one IP location, they can blacklist your accounts. I personally prefer and highly suggest to use 1 account per proxy, but you can also use 2 accounts per proxy but not more than that. Always prefer to use private and dedicated proxies.

Facebook Fan Pages and a few bucks to start. I’d recommend you to start with $500 to make $1000 to $5000 per month in the beginning.

FaceDominator automation tool to manage the activities of multiple accounts, as automation can ease your pain of handling multiple accounts and their activities from a single platform.

How Does it Work?

The concept is very simple, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Basically, the strategy is to create viral News/Bollywood/Funny website with a primary WordPress installation and send loads of traffic to it with the help of Facebook.

Now you might have questions like how much traffic? How much money to invest??? This strategy is granted the source of thousands of visitors per day to your sites. And you can invest as much as your budget allows you. There are few people who send millions of visitors in a day to their website. But as a beginner, you don’t need to spend that much. You can just start with 1k  per day and then aim for 5k to 10k and keep growing.

And lastly the pin point and the main idea is that you need to generate simple, but viral articles with trendy images, stories and videos, and make them go viral with Facebook page when the visitor comes to your website, they’ll see Google Adsense Ads and one can easily earn money from the Adsense clicks.

I like to use Adsense because the Ads aren’t related to the website’s stories. The CPC network of Adsense is really good, but if you don’t want to add Adsense in your options for any reasons, you can try Adversal.

I know sooner you’ll want to move to a CPM based network, but to move to the next level you’ll need at least half a million visits per month. So don’t worry just carry on ;).

So, Shall we start with the Strategy???

I have divided the whole strategy into 5 simple steps and you need to rinse and repeat the strategy after analyzing your data. I’m glad that most of it has been covered and in the next few steps you’ll see that it’s not as difficult as you think, but as you know there’s no shortcut for success, so you have to allow some time to this strategy and a good plan with a budget.


Step 1) Get Create  a Website


The first step is simple. If you’re struggling with this, you can write to me in a comment below so I can help you. This step shouldn’t take you more than 1-3 hours, if not less.

Note: Don’t forget you need WordPress websites with VPS and Dedicated server.

Now you need an Adsense for your website, with AdSense you’ll get good traffic and CTR  (Click Through Rate) for your website. As Adsense works on a CPC (Cost Per Click)  basis, the higher your earning will be, the higher your CTR. Believe me, with the quality and quantity of targeted traffic you’re going to send to your website, improve your CTR from 3%-5% could be the difference between  $100-$200 a day.

I’ve tested a lot of WordPress themes for this, and a maximum number of themes don’t work.

When a story of my website goes viral I got over 10% CTR on my site, but, I always try to aim for anything over 5%. The theme I always like to use for most of the website is: Morning Theme and I recommend others too. You can download and test this theme and it’s FREE :D.

I always recommend people to change website theme every 1 to 3 months to keep CTR high. And trust it helps a lot. Some other WordPress themes that are very good to go are the Nexus theme and  CTR Theme. You can also try any Elegant Themes for your website that also works very well in terms of CTR.

The KEY you should remember at the time of selecting Theme is mobile responsiveness, Since most of the people will visit your website from Facebook for Android or iOS phone, and you have to make sure that your Ads and videos should look fine in your audience‘s mobile.

Step 2) Create Facebook Fan Pages

I think I don’t need to write about the whole process of creating a Facebook fan page again because earlier I wrote it and almost nothing has changed here. So I’m continuing with how to grow your Facebook page super quick. The process is basically the same we all create a Facebook Fan page, but this time we need to create a Fan page targeted to all people in a country who like impressive kinds of stuff and viral stories. I have grown few fan pages with Facebook Ads and all of them have great reach.


Lately, Facebook makes a few changes, so in case if you want to take more advantage of them:

Use Mobile and Facebook Newsfeed Ads! The volume of those Ads is super high compared to Right Hand Side (RHS) Ads.

Facebook is becoming bigger with new RHS ads. They’re new and probably a little bit costlier than before, but one can drive a lot of new likes from RHS. In result, the CTR  will be high while the competition adapts. The only drawback is, RHS ads are displayed to desktop computers only.

In this process a lot of organic likes can come to your page from the people tagging, sharing, and liking your posts on Facebook and other social networks.


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Now, for every business person like you and me, it will be difficult to stay 24×7 on Facebook and keep updating things. There are many Facebook Marketing tools that we should consider using, and that’ll make everything easier for us. I usually use an All-In-One FB marketing tool to manage my multiple Facebook pages, and you can also pick that tool. I’m sure, it’ll perfectly fit your needs. I’m sharing the amazing page managing features of that tool which is well-known as “FaceDominator – Ninja Tool To Dominate Facebook Marketing Like A Pro” among the marketers.

FaceDominator: Are you looking for Facebook specific marketing tool, you should consider using FaceDominator. The software is very easy to use and one of the most popular Facebook marketing tools. In the next few lines, I have shared a detailed review of FaceDominator’s Fan page inviter module over here, which will guide you on how one can grow their Fan page very easily with this amazing tool.

FB Fan Invite Module: This module helps to invite friends to like your pages. With this module you can invite your friends to like your own pages or the pages you liked or even you can add a custom list of pages. For inviting your friends, you can use both their profile URLs or IDs.


Watch this Module in Action Here:

(1)  Own page Inviter:    


(2) To Liked page Inviter:

TIP: Never work like a machine. Act like a human, while running any social media automation tool. YES!  As an example never select figures like 20, 30, 50 commons….. In this way, you’re notifying Facebook that you’re a machine. So, act like a human and always change the last figure like 17, 29 etc. every day. You also have to follow the instructed delay interval for every action to make sure your accounts are not getting banned by Facebook.


Step 3) Grow Fan Pages on Facebook

Growing fan pages on Facebook ain’t easy. And especially when you’re trying to grow a new fan page. A few years ago growing a fan page wasn’t a big task –because there were very few Facebook pages competing for attention in the post feed. But nowadays, if you want to grow a high-quality, quick and engaged fan page you need to plan and execute well.

Now the question is, How to do this? How to grow a fan page quickly and organically? What are the steps one should follow for making it happen?


Let me show you few ways I’ve used myself –


Tip 1) Define your Target Audience:

It’s difficult for every business to know targeted market BEFORE getting started on Facebook. As you always need to remember — not all Facebook users are your target customer.

For an example, I run an online shopping site for women – ‘Menakaa’. My ideal customer is women between the ages of 16 to 45. I usually target women instead of men because women are the ones who will make purchase decisions.

With this pin point in mind, I promote my Facebook page and target audience with buying Facebook Ads.

Here is the screenshot of my page shows that I’ve targeted right demographic for my page.


Try using same for growing your pages on Facebook for your company.


Tip 2) Get The Right Tone:

Now, you’re done with selecting and targeting the right audience, you need to start your conversation — using the posts on your pages.

Here’re few things you have to keep in mind while communicating with them:

  • Think like them
  • Speak like them
  • Act like them

Using my business as an example, if my targeted customer is a bride-to-be, then I need to post things that appeal to the bride-to-be women. I also do the posts based on shopping seasons when women looking to purchase any product as an example — festivals are the most common seasons when they do purchase.

Popular Facebook Post

Note: I shouldn’t post about stuff that appeals men or kids — as they were not coming under my targeted market.

So to build trust with my fans, I design my post and use the right tone to the target audience.


Tip 3) 3 R’s (Real, Relevant and Relaxed)

While building your fan pages you have got to keep things real, relevant and relaxed. Don’t get down or disappoint yourself when sales don’t come immediately. Please, Please, Please don’t start blasting promotional or sponsored posts every hour. It won’t get you any business.

You’ll only blow your budget in the useless process and in turn get the high-quality fans, nothing else.

Give your fans a chance to know your business, like and trust — then start promotional posts more often.

If your target is to grow a high-quality fan page, you have to place quality as your first priority rather than consistency.


Tip 4) Stick to a Post Calendar

As a social media page manager, especially if you’re a beginner, the worst thing is — infrequent posts.

Three posts on Monday, five on Tuesday, 7 Wednesday, none posts on Thursday and nothing on the weekend…

Are you doing the same?

You need to stop! This won’t help your fan page.

Set up a Facebook post schedule with right times during the day when you want to post anything on the page.

Social Media Editorial Calendar

For an example, I use ‘FaceDominator: All-in-One Facebook Automation Tool’ to create my custom posting schedule and decide what type of post I want to make at what time.

I usually prefer to post a mix of blog post and images.

Then, I just start the FaceDominator’s FB Poster module — this module helps you to schedule your posts for Fan pages. You can schedule a single post for multiple pages or multiple posts for multiple pages as per your convenience time and days.


This module works great for posting and reposting awesome content like blogs, podcasts, infographics, images, and ebooks.

Watch this Module in Action Here:

So, I strongly recommend you to create a social media posting schedule for your Facebook page and decide what you’re going to post at when — then stick on it.


Tip 5) Facebook Marketing — a Long-Term Investment

Every strategy takes time, hard work and patience. It’s not “If you build a Facebook page they will come” — That only works in a Russell Crowe movie!

I’ve spent about $300 on Facebook ads growing the Online shopping site page to 1000 targeted Likes.

As of now, I got about 80% of my business from Facebook!

Since starting the online business last June my total revenue was near about $$$$$k — and most of the sales in my site came from boosting Facebook posts and finding Likes and share on Facebook.

So continue building your page, maintain strong relationships with fans and earn big bucks with Facebook.


Step 4) Get Viral Stories on your Website and Publish them in your Fan Page


This step is simple but takes time. In this step, you’re going to look for viral news, stories, and trendy topics and get them published in your blogs. On the next line, I’m sharing a top secret with you don’t share it with others 😉 :D. What I’d do is spy other competitors and check the viral stories they publish and I get those newses published on my websites. Try websites like viralnova, viralhog and up worthy.

Also, have an eagle eye on Google trends, as you can drive tons of traffic by being the first one to write viral news and stories on your website too.


You’re going to post blog links AND viral images AND viral videos every few hours, every single day. I suggested you post minimum 5 links to your website (that means you need to write at least 5 viral news/stories PER DAY) and also post minimum 5 images and 3-5 Viral videos in between. The images and videos can be a part of viral news and stories, impressive facts or cute animals. The key reason for posting images and videos is to keep your visitors active and your Facebook post reach and engagement high.


As An Example: You can follow our post schedule plans like 8am image, 9am Video, 10am link to blog 1, 1pm image, 2pm video, 3 pm link to blog 2, 4pm image, 5 pm video, 6pm link to blog 3, 8pm image, 9 pm video 10pm link to blog 4.


CAUTION Don’t copy & paste other’s articles into your blogging site or if you like to get banned from Adsense then you can continue with it. Rewrite the news and stories from your own words, add images and videos or whatever you think will make your content better, and always links to the sources. Otherwise, you may have to face many problems in the long run. Trust me, I applied all the things 🙁 and don’t want to get this done with you.

Also, have a look at the Ads distributions and placement on competitor websites, if you want to get a good CTR (Click Through Rate) same as their website. I suggest you, use 1-2 Squared Ads in the content body, and a big skyscraper Ad in the sidebar. I always use this formula for my websites and it works well.


Step 5) Rinse, Repeat and Automate

If you focus and work fast, you can get everything started within 2 days. And you can let me know if you have any doubt in the comment below. Depending on how much viral your stories and news are, and the budget you spend on FB Ads, you’ll start earning money after a  few days or weeks. It’s pure mathematics. The more will be your budget, the faster your fan page will grow and the tons of traffic will send to your websites.

If starting is good and you’re making enough of it as a full-time or side business, then you might want to take the next step to reach the next level and like to use automation tool for everything. Because managing multiple Facebook accounts and activities of all those accounts will be a real pain for you. But, the autopilot can be the best solution for you when your aim is to increase your ROI and also enjoy life with family and friends, don’t you?


So, here’s what you can use:


Automate your Facebook Fan Pages and  Posts

There are various social media tools that allow scheduling your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (Buffer and HootSuite, for example). Most of them actually affect and hurt your reach badly, so don’t use those. Use FaceDominator

FaceDominator helps you to manage and enhance your Facebook marketing strategy. The software not only allows you to schedule your posts, images, videos, giveaways and more in advance so you don’t need to be in front of your system every hour to publish your posts/images/videos. In fact, you can schedule for many days in the future, so it’s perfect for this project. The software also gives you an ability to interact in person with your audience to maximize your presence on Facebook. This software helps you to automate everything your business required to grow your fan base as fast. It allows you to manage your business page, personal profile or any group pages you own. There’s no other tool that can combine the marketing potential of Facebook into a single software.


FaceDominator is a great automation tool even if you’re not using this, but you have a Facebook Fan Page for your website. Also, there are user guides on how to make money with Facebook reach, engagement and Fan pages inside Facedominator Blogs which alone are worth the price you will pay for this software.


Grab it before the price goes up from $14.95/month to $25/month. Buy Now from HERE.


Subscribe Now to FaceDominator for Only $14.95


There is No Magic Formula for Success

Nowadays everyone looks for a magic formula that they can use to earn money online with automation. There are many people who want to get free eBooks and pay for a $19.99 Warrior Special Offer that explain to them how to earn $1k per day without doing anything.

Well, that magic formula for success doesn’t exist. It’s bitter, but TRUE.

This is an online business, and it requires work, dedication, and focus, and you might fail again and again, but it will be worth at last. Magic formula’s don’t exist, but automation does. And automation works if you’re good enough to analyze and improve your work strategy to boost ROI.

But I know most of you who are reading this article won’t be able to achieve this because you won’t make a try or hesitate to take action. Do believe your guts and take steps. Because taking action is the first step of getting success in this life. So get a print or bookmark this page or make notes and start your Facebook accounts, websites and Fan Pages ASAP! You can do it within 3 days max and if you start buying Facebook likes in 3 days, you could be making your first bucks before the end of the next week. What are you waiting for?


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