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Go for creating a freebie for your customers

How improve your lead generation with Facebook Ads?

The world’s population is about 7.4 billion among them 1 of 7 is active on Facebook. Yes, this is the truth. This may get you the idea about the stats that what a great opportunity Facebook is providing you for increasing your business visibility. If you manage to be active on Facebook then you are providing an open opportunity for your business to expand and generate leads.

The best way to generate leads is through the Facebook ads. If you manage to maintain the same then you can for sure generate leads for your business growth.

Want to know the same for your business growth? This post will let you know the ways which will help you on the same.

1. Know your Ideal Customers

Know your Ideal Customers

As I had already mentioned about the crowd and craze of Facebook in my introductory part this means that you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of your viewers. You can do the same by crafting such lines that will stop your audience from scrolling down your post.  

This can only happen when you know your audience very well. For this, you have to find out what are the things which matter to them, how they feel about the problems and what should be their solutions, how they feel when it is solved and not to neglect the language what they consider. Try to gather this information by having a conversation with your customers and this will sure help you to create an effective ad and the landing page.

2. Go for creating a freebie for your customers


If you wish to magnetize your customers towards your product then opt for providing something for free to your targeted customers. This will for sure help you in attracting the ideal customers. Providing free gifts will help your customers come closer to you as well as your products. This freebie is often called as the lead magnet.

You have to gain the trust of your customers by providing them the gift which actually they can use and this will provoke them to trust you. This will help you to make a first impression on your customers and can relate to other services and products which you offer. This will be your first step towards your paid services or products.

And still, if you are confused what to offer to your customers then can go for the common question you notice or ask your audience itself through social media. This gives a real chance to stand out.

3. Create a squeeze and Thank you page for your website

You have to spread your freebie to as many people as you can. And if are opting Facebook ads for this you have to host your offer on the web page that will allow people to provide their Email address for delivery.  

The web page which would be best for this is known as “squeeze page”. This is the best option because it provides your customers the option either to opt it or to leave it. No need to go for the designer pages the result of the simple page is also the best. You just need to provide your visitors the benefits of your freebie. You can provoke them to say yes or choose the option to opt if you are conscious about how they feel about the results they get.

Squeeze page layout

The above is the example of squeeze page to give you idea on that. Also, consider including the privacy statement that will keep your customer’s data safe. Create a thank you page for serving the visitors who would love to receive your freebie.

4. Opt for ad targeting options

As your main focus is on creating Facebook ads you have to be conscious of who are the audience interested in your ads. For this, you have to be distinct from your audience and filter them.

You can choose from other filters which are grouped in 3 main categories:

  • Demographic


   This includes location, age, gender, relationship status, income level and much more.

  • Interests


   This includes broad interests, Facebook pages liked, keywords which are used in conversation.  

  • Behaviors


   This includes frequent travelers, owners of small business, etc.

Detailed Targeting jb-facebook-ads-detailed-targeting

Over to you

These were some of the ways which can help you to improve your lead generation with the Facebook ads. Hope this blog post was beneficial for you.

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