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How to improve your posts on Facebook?

How to improve your posts on Facebook?

Are you the one who is interested in Facebook marketing?

Do you wish your posts on Facebook should get a better reach?

Do you want to improve your posts on Facebook?

If this is so, then you need an appropriate posting tactics which will help you to receive appreciated results.

Here in this post, I would like to discuss you the same. The tips which can impress you.

#1 Prefer creating a post roadmap


Prefer creating a post roadmap


It is always advised that before taking any step, planning must be there. But still, this point is getting neglected. Many businesses are just making posts on Facebook without any plan. As a result, their post fails to address their audience need.

If you prefer creating a roadmap, then you are able to cover various topics. For example, if your post is regarding fitness industry, then your content could have healthy recipes, fitness tips, etc. The more related topics you manage to add in your post, the more you are able to offer and attract your audience.

Once you have decided what to post then prefer creating a content calendar. This will help you to map out what and when to post. Having a proper schedule will help you to be precise to your work.

#2 Write for the targeted readers


Write for the targeted readers


Rather than indulging in a debate about the length of your post, prefer decreasing the attention of the users. As we all know that the one who is interested in your post will respond to your post not everyone.  

It would astonish you to know that the attention span of people is 8 seconds that means, you have only 8 seconds to grab the attention of your audience. So if you manage to make the same for your Facebook post then it would be awesome.

Try to concentrate on the starting words of your post, say three to four words. This will be enough to get an impressive result.

#3 Prefer to use Brand Hashtags

Hope you might be using the hashtags while posting. We all know that a post with hashtags works more efficiently than the one without.

For example, Adidas is the company which uses the hashtag as #teamadidas for their posts. Hashtags will help you in brand positioning.

#4 Modify your Post Description

Whenever you post links on Facebook, automatically it fetches the metadata which can be edited too.

So if you want to repost some post then the only thing will you need to consider is change the description of metadata which can fit your post content.

#5 Have focus on Publishing Time


Focus on Publishing Time


Just to post your content on Facebook at any of the day will not get you the desired traffic. If you wish to get the same then try posting between 12 p.m to 3 p.m and the days you can consider is Mon, Wed, Thu, and Fri. For Sat and Sun, you can post between 12 p.m to 1 pm.

So just find your luck in these periods and get the result.

Over to you

Facebook has always proved to be beneficial for its users. Hope this blog post will help you in getting the more. Share your views on this blog post via a comment.

At last, I just want to say that move with these ideas and help your business to explore more and more.


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