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What are the Latest Statics Update on Facebook?

What are the Latest Statics Update on Facebook?

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site now has 1.79 billion monthly active users which has been increasing by 16% year over year. Have a look on the latest statics update for Facebook.

Facebook Monthly Active Users

In this blog post I would let you know about the latest updates which are found on Facebook this will directly help you have a good idea about the efficient use of Facebook.

Let’s first discuss the features which are introduced on Facebook.

1. For your brand, Social Media 101 has created a Facebook Page


We all know very about the increasing popularity of Facebook. Now to add some more benefits for your brand or business purpose a Facebook page is created by Social Media 101. In this process, you are supposed to create a Facebook Business Page representing your brand.

The process is same you have to click on create a page. Then you will find this page.

Created a Facebook Business Page

This page will help you to create your own Business page and you can make your choice what kind of business page you wish to create.

For the next page, you have to mention the description about your brand and consider it as the essential part as you are explaining about your brand and this page will be navigated by the visitors also will be responsible for the SEO ranking. So try to be clear enough to explain what actually your brand offers and also about the key terms which will identify your brand. For more information on this click.

2. Instant Game feature on Messenger


In the gaming market, Facebook has eventually received a downfall in the past but now it is back with the Latest Instant Game feature which will magnetize the addiction of games on Facebook. Now Facebook users, are able to enjoy the pleasure of games on Facebook Messenger.   

Have a look at the below-provided video.

Instant Game

Now enjoy the gaming feature of Facebook Messenger. How to play? You can get the same in the above video. Also you able to get the instant replay of the games which you have previously played off both the platforms.  

Now moving on to the latest statics update made on Facebook.

Latest Statics update


  • Over 1.18 billion people logging on Facebook as DAU that is Daily Active Users which has increased to 17 percentage.
  • Daily likes generated is 4.5 billion till May 2013 which has increased to 67% from August 2012.
  • On an average 10 million websites view the share and like buttons daily.   
  • 307 million public in Europe, are on FB.   
  • Your potential customers are increasing exponentially as every second 5 new profiles are created.
  • Out of 100, 76% females (of all females) and 66% male(of all male) users are there.
  • According to the time format you are able to generate the highest traffic through your post if posted at 7 p.m than posting it at 8 p.m
  • Thursdays and Fridays generate 18 percent of higher engagements.
  • It would astonish you to know that there are about 83 million of fake accounts.
  • Total 300 million photos are uploaded per day.
  • The average time of visit on Facebook is 20 minutes that means you have a short span of time to make your everlasting impression.
  • 510 comments posted, 293,000 statuses updated and 136,000 photos are being uploaded, every 60 sec.   

Over to you


The above-mentioned were some of the latest features added on Facebook and the latest statics update till Nov 2016.

Hope you find this blog post interesting. For more such information to know about the latest news on Facebook follow our blog on FaceDominator.

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