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How to Make $100 Per Day using FaceDominator and Facebook with OGads

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, it has more than 1.94 billion active users, 82% of whom log in on a daily basis.With such a large user base, ignoring Facebook really isn’t an option for most marketers. You can bet your ideal market is using Facebook nearly every day. We have brought up a method for all newcomers to start making $100+ in a day using Facebook. We have introduced this successful method to you after trying and failing with several others. Even though it’s a successful method to make money with Facebook, you will need to put some efforts to achieve the results.

What You Need to Get Started –

OGads Account: 

OGads is one of the Mobile CPA network, with some really good offers and supporting staffs.

    1. You can Sign up for OGads here: http://ogads.com/
    2. Once signed up you will need to get your account approved. Follow the steps mentioned by OGads during registration carefully and your account may get approved in less than 24 hours.


You will need a website. It costs around $20 to setup a WordPress site with domain and hosting.

Facebook Accounts:

Get multiple Facebook accounts. If possible buy only aged PVA Facebook accounts (You must have access to the phone number used while creating the account). Or in case you are having new accounts, make sure to warm up and age them before starting your activities to avoid chances of getting banned.


You must use proxies with your accounts. As Facebook can mark your accounts as spam if they track all activities being done from same location. 1 account per proxy is highly suggested, but you can use upto 2 accounts per proxy too. Make sure to use private and dedicated proxies.


You would need a tool to automate your Facebook activities, as managing activities from multiple accounts will be pain. Unlimited edition of FaceDominator comes just for $14.95/month. Buy Now

How Does it Work –

Step (1) – The most profitable products to promote as an affiliate are usually digital offerings, such as e-books or online training programs; They often allow you to earn 50-75 percent of the sale, which you just couldn’t do with physical products (Dropshipping).

Step (2) – Create a professional looking website. Add CTA buttons to go to the offers for receiving free followers etc. Depending on the niche you select, Use URL shortener for this to reduce chances of getting banned. You can also use social locker plugin to get more traffic. Or you can go with step 3.

Step (3) – Once your OGads account is approved. You will be able to use their pre-hosted landing pages. You can pick any from loads of available niches. Those are mobile optimized and having higher conversion rates. You can also request for multiple landing pages.

Step (4) – Load your accounts in FaceDominator. You can add accounts one by one manually or import from your CSV or .txt files.

Step (5) – Make sure you are using proxies with your accounts. As that would keep your accounts safe when you will start scaling your campaigns.

Step (6) – Farm your Facebook accounts. Once you have setup all above, it’s time to farm your Facebook accounts. Farming your account with daily activities is a key to reduce ban rate. You can use below configuration with FaceDominator to farm your Facebook accounts.

    • Auto Accept Friends: Accepting friends requests is the best way to grow your Facebook accounts. Use this feature to get more friends without any effort.
    • Randomly Comment on Friends Wall: Commenting on friends posts shows you are engaging with their content which in returns builds up a mutual relation beneficial for you at long run.
    • Auto Like Friends Posts: Liking friends posts is another way to engage with your friends.
    • Like Posts from Page Feeds: A normal users profile will be full of feeds from pages, and one would always like between 3-5 such posts in a day. Thus, your accounts too need to like such posts to look genuine.
  • Share Posts From Your News Feed: A normal user shares 3-5 posts in a day they come across. Must use this option to give some more authority to your accounts.

Step (7) – Group Posting Method: The best way to generate traffic to your offers is by posting them onto the groups related to your niche. To achieve that you would need to join your niche groups from all your accounts and once approved you can start posting on these groups. You can automate this via FaceDominator as explained below step by step.

    • On FaceDominator visit: FBGroups-> Group Joiner
    • Select find by keywords and enter some niche based keywords to find and join groups.
    • Set minimum members count of groups to 10000 so that you join groups which can give more reach with less efforts.
    • Set counts to join 5 groups per day from each account, which you can increase every 3-5 days.
    • Use optimized delay of around 300-500 seconds in between joining groups to make the activity look normal.
    • Create campaign to run 4 days a week, as a normal user don’t join groups everyday.
    • From day 3-5 you need to start sharing your content on these groups and start getting traffic. You can use FaceDominator’s poster module to automate this process.
  • Redirect Visitor to OGAds Landing Page: You can also use Bitly or Goo.gl to shorten your links.

That’s all what you need to do. Isn’t this simple. Just need to find niche you find yourself interested in, farm your accounts, join your niche based groups, post your offers, and you will soon start seeing money rolling into your OGads account. However you need to set some goals to be sure if you are going on right path, if you are missing your goals 3-4 times, you will need to optimize your campaign.


Subscribe Now to FaceDominator for Only $14.95

This is How your OgAds Account would Look Like:-

Day 1:-

Day 2:-

Day 3:-

Day 4-

Day 5:-

Day 6:-


Subscribe Now to FaceDominator for Only $14.95


  • Get 100 Accounts

You might have got question in mind why you need 100 accounts. If you want to build a list of 500k in a month, you will need an arsenal of accounts. Because due to Facebook’s friends limit, you won’t be able to have more than 5000 friends in 1 account, but you may get 5,000 friends from 100 account = 500k users.

  • Join Minimum 10 Niche Based Groups A Day

Account approval ratio on Facebook groups is 75%, however you may need your profiled to be built highly decorated as per your niche.

  • $100 Per Day

Well, if you ask internet marketers they will tell you how much does a traffic from 500k Facebook users worth in real, it’s far more than $100 per day. But we need to set up first goal to reach $100 per day. With Ogads you just need 2 conversions to some main offers to reach this goal. With even 100k from all your accounts you would need just .002% conversion rate.

We believe you got the idea on how to monetize using Facebook and FaceDominator. Share your experience by leaving a comment below and help others to make money.


Subscribe Now to FaceDominator for Only $14.95

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