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How to Manage Facebook Friend List With Facebook Automation Tool?

How to Manage Facebook Friend List With Facebook Automation Tool?

As we all know Facebook is the most widely used social networking site in today’s scenario. Facebook is viral and we all are known to it. It is because of the new features and upgraded functions of Facebook. Millions of users are present on Facebook. Hence,  It’s the best platform for businesses to reach their targeted audience. Do you use Facebook for business? If yes, then you’re using the best place where you can promote your brand and business widely, that to free of cost. It will take few moments to make your brand popular and wide with the help of social media. So there is no doubt that Facebook is the best place where you can promote your brands and products.

The most important and vital thing you need to consider is the friend list or the followers in your Facebook account. It is important to manage your Facebook friend lists so that it will look filtered and well-maintained. While promoting a brand, many things come into our consideration. In this busy world, we don’t have plenty of time. So in few times, we need to do a lot of things. At that instant marketers need an automation tool which can automate all the functions easily and quickly. So the tools which are used to automate the Facebook activities are named as the Facebook automation tools.

Many Facebook automation tools are there. Are you wondering for the best automation tool? Well, let me introduce the best ever Facebook automation tool and that is none other than “FaceDominator”. FaceDominator has the advanced and significant features which make it more popular and wide. In this post, we will discuss how to manage the friend list of a Facebook account automatically and easily. But before that:


Why FaceDominator?

FaceDominator is the ultimate Facebook marketing tool which automates all your Facebook marketing activities. It helps to scale the new heights of Facebook marketing. It manages and all the Facebook activities and advertising campaigns. It empowers all the marketing operations with a single software. Save your time and money by using Facebook automation tool i:e FaceDominator.

Well, let’s have a look at the features which are related to Facebook friend list management.

Manage your friends with FaceDominator:

#1. Send friend requests via FaceDominator:

Send Friend Request via FaceDominator

Now you can send single or multiple friend requests to users in the just single click using this feature. You can get multiple options to send and find requests to users using keywords, locations, email ids and names. It allows you to cancel such friend request too if you have not accepted that yet. As you can see in the SS, you will get many options related to this. Now get your target with fewer efforts.

#2. Manage incoming friend requests via FaceDominator:

Manage Incomming Friend Request via FaceDominator

This module of FaceDominator helps you to accept friend requests. It has the ability to filter the friend requests based on the location. Now you can accept those friend requests which you want to or have targeted. Now you can accept the request of the targeted users.

#3. Unfriend friend requests via FaceDominator:

Unfriend via FaceDominator

This module allows you to remove some unwanted friends from your friend list. You can filter them based on their location and gender. Set a certain time period and make this operation workable. Now you don’t need to do a lot if you are using FaceDominator to manage your friend lists.

Wrap Up:

So this is all about your Facebook friends management through FaceDominator. See how it makes all the operation easier and quicker. Now use this Facebook automation tool, FaceDominator and save your time with fewer efforts. If you want to get, then click here: http://facedominator.com/ , we will get many other blogs and solutions related to Facebook marketing.

Thank you for reading my post. Hope I was able to clear my points. Do share your views with us. 🙂


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