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Facebook Marketing Software

Facebook is one of the most happening sites in the world, it has evolved in such a way that many users around the world have been dependent on facebook for over a decade. Since the day it was launched there has been a steady rise in the users. Now even automation in facebook is possible. There are some people who tend to use facebook for starting a business, which can be very helpful.

Before talking about the facebook automation and the marketing software let us see how marketing in facebook can be done.

Marketing in facebook has three USPs and that is Pages, ads and groups which can be used by anyone on facebook, each of these options has its own function which can be very helpful in achieving a lot of goals.


The page looks very similar to any layman, but for business organizations one must make sure that it attracts the right amount of traffic and they don’t have any restrictions or limits for anyone, it prompts the user to like the page rather than following it.


Facebook gives a very important platform to every entrepreneur to advertise their product, the ads can be created by targeting various geographic areas, ages, educational levels and the types of devices used for browsing in facebook. It even prompts the user to make the person like the page after the advertisement closes.


The groups in facebook are very similar to the group discussions we keep in our day to day life, but with the help of the additional features, various groups can be created where you can add various members related to your business in your group.

Then we have the software which can fulfill your desire of running your business in facebook, the one, the only, the Facedominator.

This software is specifically designed to make sure that you run your business successfully in facebook and its features are so helpful that you don’t need to depend on anything else to attract large number of crowds on facebook.


The facedominator is the all purpose marketing software which is designed to create multiple accounts on facebook and add friends to those various accounts, create fanpages and make them viral on facebook. It does the job of marketing as well as automating each and every activity on facebook. It is a must keep software for every entrepreneur who is looking for a high jump in business.

Here are the key features of the Facedominator

  1. Account Management
  2. Easy Management of Friends
  3. Timeline Administration
  4. Facebook Scraper
  5. Group Posting and Deleting
  6. Photo tagging
  7. Managing various groups


I’m sure these methods which I suggested to all the rookie entrepreneurs have clicked your minds and by now you must be thinking about how to start the business. Do share your views on comment section and subscribe to our blog for more updates. If you want to do the same mentioned methods then please download our software from our Dominator House Site. See Ya!!


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