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New Updates on Facebook which you should Know

New Updates on Facebook which you should know


Recently, Facebook turned 13 on 4th February 2017. This day was celebrated as Friends Day. Well, many of us haven’t heard of this before, right? This is because Facebook created it. Hope you too have celebrated this day as Friends Day. So how does it look? Let’s see.

Friends Day

The motto was to share some of your powerful connections from your community. Also, for encouraging the Facebook users to take the time to get connected with their friends and get more socialize.

For presenting the same an auto-generated video was created which looks like:

Friends Day auto-generated video

This week has been a busy week for Facebook. It has introduced several new products and features updates that will fascinate both the Facebook users and the marketers.

So here are the latest new updates which Facebook has announced.

1. Contents which have a long-form gets the higher Priority

Facebook has considered the percentage of videos in the past and Facebook has announced a bit more to shake it up.

With this shake up, a longer form of videos will now receive great priority which are watched with the short videos. This will help everyone to produce a quality long-form video. But the thing which you have to consider here is the quality as the keyword here used is quality.

As we all know that poor long-form videos will not be appreciated here in this case so you have to be conscious that you should produce a good and high-quality video which should perform well.

2. Soon enjoy Stories on Facebook’s Mobile App

This feature is not yet live for the Facebook users till now as it is being tested in Ireland. And this feature is expected to roll out for its users till the next few weeks. As we all already know that Facebook has already introduced this feature on Instagram and it has been a great success. About 150 million Facebook users are using this feature every day which was equal to the Daily active users of Snapchat.

Soon enjoy Stories on Facebook’s Mobile App

Well, Snapchat has a large implication here that is to view the content of the video and Facebook has taken note of that.

It is quite obvious that Snapchat has to improve its feature to ignore becoming obsolete. This pressure arrived just weeks before from an expected IPO announcement.  

3. Latest way to Consume Video

And finally, a turn toward tradition took place. Facebook has announced a turn towards the traditional television. Soon the users will get an app for the television set-top boxes. This is a full effort so that it increases the advertising revenues.

A pre-prediction, Facebook has made about its revenue that is, the revenue growth of Facebook will be slow in the mid of 2017. As they are focusing out of areas for advertising purpose. This idea to produce a traditional TV market will provide them another way to focus on advertising.

It is all the part of Facebook’s video 1st strategy and we hope that this new move of Facebook takes it to the premium content.

Over to you

Facebook has always been the first priority of everyone as a social media platform. Now you can enjoy the latest updated features soon. This will increase people’s engagement. So let’s hope for the best.

At the end, we would like to know your views on this post. And for more such latest update follow our blog on FaceDominator.

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