11 Facebook Marketing Tips your Business Need

Do you managing a Facebook business page for your brand? Are you observing that your Facebook reach is continueslly going down (i.e very less number of Facebook fans and followers are seeing your promotional posts)? If your Facebook marketing strategy for incresing engagement is declining, you’re not the sin gle ...

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Revitalize your Old Kit with 2015 Facebook Marketing Success Kit

Facebook had over 1.35 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2014. That extent to 67 percent of internet users in the U.S. And over 66 percent of total social media like and sharing on iPhones or smart-phones. When it comes to creating and influencers brand groups, ...

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10 Practical Tips to Make Your Facebook Marketing Campaign Successful

As we all know, a “winning” digital marketing strategy is not possible without adequate supervision of social media. Being active on social media, however, isn’t enough and you need to implement strategies to increase the interaction with fans and followers. In this post we will not talk in general of social media but focus our attention ...

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4 Ways to Optimize a Post on Facebook

How to create the perfect Facebook post? What makes it interesting for the audience? I am very well aware that you’ve made this question often and I bet you’ve asked yourself at least once why your competitors get so much likes on their Facebook posts. Today we are going to deepen ...

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Are You Using These 9 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Company?

9 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Company

Recent US studies have confirmed that Facebook is the ideal tool to advertise and attract customers to small businesses. The large audience using social media makes it unrivaled weapon in advertising, especially for those small businesses that cannot afford big advertising campaigns at the television. Often, however, the advertising potential of Facebook are not used properly ...

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