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a quick guide to marketers on updated facebook metrics

A Quick Guide to Marketers on Updated Facebook Metrics

Two months ago, Facebook announced that there had been a miscalculation of video views metric, Average duration of video viewed. They had taken immediate actions and rectified the error.

This is not the only miscalculation. There are some other facebook metrics that are calculated wrongly. But facebook wants to keep its credibility and its on action against the bugs and miscalculations.

Here in this article, let us have a quick look on what the facebook metrics that are measured wrongly in the recent past and the updates to curb this happening further.

Facebook Metrics that are Miscalculated

Organic Reach

And earlier this month, Facebook said that the Organic Reach metric on the Insights tab of a page had been calculated wrongly.

Facebook told that it is giving the sum of the daily reach during the week, including the repeated visitors. As per the official statement of Facebook:

“The de-duplicated 7-day summary in the overview dashboard will be 33% lower on average and 28-day will be 55% lower. This bug has been live since May; we will be fixing this in the next few weeks. It does not affect paid reach.”

facebook metrics organic reach

In order to match the changes that are done to the paid organic reach, facebook is going to make an improvement to its page organic reach as well. As per the new improvement, the reach will depend on the viewable impressions.

Reach is defined as, “a person refreshing their News Feed and the post being placed in their feed”. When it comes to the paid reach, the definition takes a stricter stance. They consider reach once the post enters the person’s screen. This is called a viewable impression.

If this change is implemented, the reach shown so far will be reduced by 20% on an average. This update is going to be implemented in the coming months. And once come alive, your page will be informed with a notification.

Video Watches at 100%

Facebook records the full video length when a partner uploads one. But when the same is delivered to people, the length of the video measures a second longer or shorter. This is because of the misalignment of the video and sound tracks. For example, if someone watches a video completely. The sound is still played even the video track is completed. This is caused because of the varied video devices and players.

Because of this, the facebook metric, Video Watches at 100% which is previously known as Video Views at 100%, gets affected. Addressing this issue, facebook is making some changes. And this may cause in the count of the metric ‘Video watches at 100%’ by an average of 35%.

Time spent on Instant Articles

facebook metrics instant articles

The widely used feature for publishers to reach mobile audience, Instant Articles also provides you with some metrics like Average time spent on per article. With the currently using Histogram method, this metric is reported overly by (7-8)%. This miscalculation has been taken place since August 2015.

This actually should be measured as the ratio of total spent reading an article to the total views. Facebook said that it had fixed the thing.

Steps Taken towards the Miscalculations

Facebook found many errors in its measurements so far. It wants to be precise with its metrics and so, it has announced some updates. Here are some of the updates:

  • It is going to make sure that the metrics are named clearly. For example, view content will be website view of content and videos views will be 3-second video views.
  • Clear definitions: Facebook is going to update all its Tips and glossary sections across its tools. It is going to make each and every definition of a metric very clear. If a metric is an estimated one, this will give a hint that it is an estimated one. In the case of video views, it is going to explain the metrics of video views like 3-second video views, 10-second video views and 30-second video views.
  • Categorization: Facebook is going to customize the columns presented in the reports page. With this, marketers can select the specific facebook metrics that are mostly used by them. So that, marketers can have the clear of view of their goal.

facebook metrics customization




so far, you might have invested a lot on your facebook marketing and might not see the desired results (if your required metrics are among the above-mentioned). Now the reason behind this slow-rated growth of your facebook marketing is uncovered and prompt actions are also taken.


To ensure more precision, Facebook has collaborated with third-party organizations that measure the facebook metrics and ensure you success with your marketing endeavours. So you can continue with your advertising on facebook with no qualm.

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